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Tele-rehab – Your Questions, Answered

Tele-rehabilitation is a method of treating clients and patients through a secure, online portal, from the comfort of your own home. Whole Therapy is now offering online sessions for physiotherapy, personal training, and integrative therapy as of March 23, 2020! 

We can assess, treat, coach, and train through this new type of service. Times like these call for new innovations, so if you are a current or new patient of ours and need assistance, please reach out and book with us!

While this type of rehabilitation has some limitations, there are many positives, including:

  • Eliminating travel time (and currently, satisfying the need to stay at home during the COVID-19 outbreak)
  • Continuing your treatment plan so that you stay on top of things and avoid regression of your symptoms
  • Movement and self-care education, exercise correction and progression; generally ensuring that you’re doing the right things in the right ways to eliminate pain and get stronger
  • Having your questions (about symptoms, pain, exercises, general movement) answered thoroughly and effectively
  • Accountability for your rehabilitative exercise and personal training (because lets face it: self motivation can be hard!)


Some frequently asked questions about tele-rehab:

Q: Is telerehab effective?

A: In many cases, yes. Your physiotherapist will be able to determine whether telerehab will work for you and your condition. If it isn’t appropriate for you, your physiotherapist or trainer will be able to recommend a course of action to follow instead.

Q: How do you protect my information during a session?

A: At Whole Therapy, we use a secure, encrypted software which is compliant with privacy laws in Canada. Your therapist or trainer will be in a private environment, and you yourself will be encouraged to set up your computer in a quiet room away from others and distractions.

Q: Do I need an account or special equipment?

A: Not at all! Before your session you will be sent a URL which will take you to your practitioner’s virtual ‘waiting room’. When your treatment begins, the practitioner will click on your name and the session will start. No accounts needed. As for equipment, all you need is a desktop or laptop with a camera. For best results, the room you’re in should be well lit. You can even do this via cell phone, however we recommend a bigger screen just for logistics.

Q: What if something goes wrong during the session?

A: Logistical errors such as internet connection can mostly be prevented by setting up in a place with reliable internet. If something does go wrong, your session can be re-booked. Safety is also an issue with this type of appointment. We recommend you clear your area of hazards so that your movement can happen in an unimpeded manner. You and your practitioner will discuss what will happen should a serious situation arise, before the session begins.

Q: Does my insurance cover this?

A: We suggest calling your insurance provider to confirm, but most seem on board with this type of rehabilitation. We will provide you with an insurance receipt (in the case of physiotherapy) as usual.

Q: Do you direct bill?

A: We do now! As of March 23, 2020, Whole Therapy is set up for direct billing. You need to fill out a form for us online, authorizing us to bill for you, and voila! The balance remaining will be invoiced to you online through our software, and you’ll be able to pay via credit card.


For more information, please visit the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario page HERE

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