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Combating (excessive) Fear Of Covid-19



The advent of the Covid 19 virus has brought radical changes to the ways we connect with people and the world around us. Health departments have given the best advice they could based on their limited and evolving understanding of this particular Covid virus, but the level of uncertainty has been intimidating.

The steps of care most of us have taken, combined with viruses’ usual pattern of becoming less deadly over time have greatly curtailed the death rates in most countries. But there has been a hidden epidemic of high stress, unreasoning fear, anxiety, and depression sweeping North American society; and probably many other countries as well.

This is where EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping, PTT, “Energy Psychology”) can play a powerful role in storing quality of life. Our subconscious minds which so powerfully influence our lives, try hard to keep us safe the best way they think they know how based on previous life experiences and assumptions. When constantly bombarded with “look out”, “danger”, “epidemic” etc. signals, the subconscious takes us into survival mode. In this state, examining the whole story never occurs to us. We are reacting, not acting.

The use of EFT and Picture Tapping Techniques creates a safe place for the subconscious and conscious minds to collaboratively figure out “the rest of the story”.  Instead of living in an emotional haze of fear and dread, we can examine our current situations with clear eyes. Neither rejecting it all as having nothing to do with us, nor becoming immersed in a state of constant dread and alarm. Ironically, it is less safe living with these unexamined mental and emotional challenges, because of their effects on our immune systems’ self regulation and management.

Using these techniques and coming from a place of emotional safety, we may for example, realize the ICU and death rates per million have been dropping in most countries; even though with more testing there are more positive results. We might choose to look at the risk factors within our control. Eating a healthy nutrient dense diet, getting exercise, paying attention to excess weight, hypertension or inflammatory conditions, reaching out to others via phone or zoom to address the human need for connection.

Acting on any or all of these will improve quality of life, while greatly reducing the possibility of experiencing complications should we happen to be exposed.

All indications are that otherwise healthy people have little to fear from Covid 19. Helping to protect the vulnerable is part of being human. Living in emotional paralysis does not have to be.

To further reduce stress, I have recorded a 5 Minute Energy Medicine Routine video. To receive a copy, please send an email request.

Yours in good physical and emotional health.

Author: David E P Gilbert. David is a highly experienced Integrative Therapist particularly focused on anxiety/depression, stress, burnout, grief, trauma or PTSD, Post Concussion Syndrome and self-sabotage. He’s based at Whole Therapy and ECOSYS Wellness Center in Ottawa ON. Canada. Being trained in a number of modalities including Emotional Freedom Techniques and PTT (Picture Tapping Techniques), he works with clients both in-office and via phone or video cam across the world. Work so powerful it’s guaranteed

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