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Physiotherapists work with clients of all ages and with a wide range of health conditions. Whether it’s pain management and rehabilitation from an acute injury like a sprained ankle, or management of chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, a physiotherapist can help. But physiotherapy is not limited to rehabilitation of injury and the effects of disease or disability. A physiotherapist also provides education and advice for health promotion, disease and injury prevention. (source: Canadian Physiotherapy Association)

Physiotherapy appointments qualify for direct billing under most insurance plans.

We want to see you as little as possible but as often as necessary.




Movement-based therapy

A mistake many people make is thinking that physiotherapy is something you get; in reality, physiotherapy at its most effective is actually something you do.

Whole Therapy’s physiotherapists understand that movement is medicine (even if maybe that sounds a little cliche), and they seek to restore the proper range of movement to your body with as little pain as possible.


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Acupuncture and Dry Needling

Our physiotherapists are qualified to treat clients using acupuncture and dry needling techniques. But what’s the difference?

Acupuncture focuses on affecting the energetic meridians of the body and helps with stimulating or relaxing the body.

Dry needling, on the other hand, is focused on neuromuscular conditions and points of tenderness or pain. Evidence supports that dry needling improves pain control, reduces muscle tension and normalizes dysfunctions within muscles.

Both treatment types can help speed up your return to normal, everyday activities.

Fees: Initial Assessment $120.00 – Reassessment $94.50 – 30 Minutes $81.90- 45 Minutes $94.50 – 60 Minutes $126.00 – Dry Needling $42.00

About Us

At Whole Therapy, we believe that two heads are better than one.

Our team works together to help people: It’s simple.

Because one therapy is not always the one for everyone.

We know that every body is different, and everyone has different goals, preferences, and timelines when it comes to their health and their bodies.


Clinic Hours

Mon – Fri: 8am -7pm

Sat: 8am – 2pm

Individual Practitioner hours vary – check our online booking site for more information.

Reception Hours vary – please leave us a message or an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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