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Experimenting With Your Wellness Formula

A treatment that eases your pain is a beautiful thing. Something I didn’t fully appreciate until a few years ago is that there are multiple ways to ease your pain. Multiple approaches. Multiple practitioners. I irritated my elbow paddling last week, and I could have seen any number of people to fix it. This time around, I got dry needling, acupuncture, and some manual therapy from Asif at Lancaster Rd. He used a technique I…

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Self Compassion: How To Find It & Why We Need It

Emotional resiliency. We now know that one of emotional resiliency’s most foundational elements is having learned self compassion as a child. A whole generation grew up with the drum beat of self-esteem. Parents, teachers, all preaching self-esteem. But that is a shaky pedestal to stand on. It depends entirely on what we think about what we have accomplished, comparing ourselves to other people and imagining how others perceive us. So, what then is self compassion?…

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I have a body (When ‘I love myself’ is not accessible)

If you’ve ever stood in front of a mirror and thought, “ugh” or worse, I see you. I’ve struggled with weight, body image and self-love for most of my 38 years. It’s interesting to me, especially lately as I’m delving into managing my emotions better, that it actually doesn’t matter what your body looks like. You can have negative thoughts about yourself regardless of who’s looking back at you in the mirror. Me, for example.…

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Leaning In To Your Feels

Currently, it’s February in Ottawa and EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. The canal is open, friends! I freaking LOVE skating. My kids are so excited to be back in school! I’m really excited to crush this week. Wait. No. NOPE. It’s February in Ottawa and we are in the middle of a pandemic. It’s bitterly cold. My kids have been home for the last decade (it feels that way, I swear). Dude, I love them more than…

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I’m obsessed with this song The Wellerman. It’s a sea shanty. If you listen to the lyrics it’s about a ship whose captain hooks a whale and 40 days later it’s still towing the boat around. But the story is not what appeals to me about it. It’s the harmony: all the voices, alto, tenor, baritones, base. As one individual singing it’s just lovely; as many voices combined it gives me chills and such a…

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How should I think about pain?

The way you think about and respond to pain and discomfort in your body can make a big difference in how long it sticks around. A lot of my clients come in with pain in their body. Low back aching, tension in the neck and shoulders, sore feet and legs, tired and arthritic hands. I have clients that come in who are really mad that their pain is higher on the left side when, clearly,…

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When Thoughts Take Over: A dialogue with my head

Something I’ve learned over the years is: If I’m feeling it/thinking it/doing it, then others must be, too. So here’s my honest train of thought this morning before and during my spin class, and how I got over my negative self-talk and won the day. 6am. My alarm buzzes on my wrist and I groan inwardly, knowing I signed up for a 7:15 spin class. This means I have to leave at 6:45. Already I’m…

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Thriving During The Holiday Season With EFT

Being responsible for parents, partner’s, children’s’, and work needs can feel exhausting. Competing demands day after day can put caregivers into survival mode. Overwhelming feelings of stress burn out, guilt, resentment, incompetence, and emotionally running on fumes. Christmas, and the upcoming Holliday Season during the time of Covid 19 may feel like the proverbial last straws. It doesn’t have to be that way: The use of Emotional Freedom Techniques commonly known as Tapping, allows the…

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Canadian Neuroscience To The Rescue – Help for ADD, ADHD and Maintaining Your Focus

As an Integrative Therapist, I see every day how Covid 19 has brought with it a level of stress not seen in living memory. One of the major effects of elevated stress, is a general reduction in how well the brain functions. This includes reduced abilities to learn, focus, stay on task and make decisions. In addition, an estimated six percent of children and four percent of adults already had ADD or ADHD as of…

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At Whole Therapy, we believe that two heads are better than one. Our team works together to help people: It’s simple. Because one therapy is not always the one for everyone. We know that every body is different, and everyone has different goals, preferences, and timelines when it comes to their health and their bodies.


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