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                                            How do we experience trauma in pregnancy, and more specifically, birth? To every person trauma is seen differently. Our past experiences may influence how we perceive certain situations. Every woman who goes through pregnancy gives birth in one form or another. On paper, two people can have had the exact same experience, the…

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Pregnancy & Exercise: Did you know?

Did you know that you CAN exercise while pregnant, even if you haven't really been that active prior to pregnancy? We just have to ADJUST what you will be doing. Important factors to keep in mind while exercising: ✔️ check your intensity – target heart rate zones should be on your radar ✔️ your intensity should be somewhat hard ✔️ you should be able to carry on a conversation throughout your workout. FYI: Target Heart Rate Zones based…

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MM: The Guilty Worry

Mel's Meandering: The Guilty Worry Many of you know that I had a kid in September. I call him a kid because he was never the tiny blob that babies usually are. He was 16 days late and weighed in at 9lbs 6oz. He has had very good neck control since the beginning and has always had a grumpy face whenever he is put down. Thus, never a "baby" baby in my eyes but rather, a…

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Mel’s Meandering: Getting Started

Mel's Meandering: Getting Started It's that time of year again. Runners are pounding the pavement, fair-weather sports are starting up, and everyone is peeking outside their windows and doors to see if it's nice enough to just be outside. It’s glorious. Spring, with it’s promise of change and renewal, is a great time of year to start a new exercising  regime. I was recently inspired by a friend doing just that, and I wanted to…

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MEL'S MEANDERING MASSAGE MIND: FAILURE   We all fail. It's a constant in life. But what we do after we fail is what defines us. A few weekends ago I competed in a Powerlifting meet. I felt that it didn't go so well because I had worked so hard at the gym and the numbers I put up on the platform didn't reflect everything I had achieved in the gym over the past year. It…

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MEL'S MEANDERING MASSAGE MIND: HOW DRY NEEDLING "SAVED MY LIFE..." For most of my life I have noticed that my range of motion with my right shoulder isn't quite up to par with my left. My right anterior deltoid has been in contraction for what seems like forever and I get headaches due to muscular tightness in my upper traps. For relief in the past, I have gone to massage therapists, chiropractors and physiotherapists, seeking…

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MMMM: Better, Stronger, Smarter. Don’t BS my Smarts

MEL'S MEANDERING MASSAGE MIND: BETTER, STRONGER, SMARTER. DON'T BS MY SMARTS This month we are talking about “Being Above Average.” I’ve been thinking about what this concept means to me. What does it mean to you? Initially I thought to myself So I have to talk about me and how I think I'm better than everybody else? That's a little conceited. But upon reflection, Being Above Average has nothing to do with everyone else, and everything to…

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Mel's Meandering Massage Mind: Let it go - not the Frozen version Pain - everyone gets it; and no one is left unscathed by its wrath. I've been thinking a lot about pain in the last few weeks, so it's fitting that Jen asked me to write about it and that the theme of this month is Letting Go. In the last little while, I've made some changes that have affected my life drastically. Granted, the…

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Mel's Meandering Massage Mind: Are you a....Desk Potato?? Often, we go from sitting at work all day to sitting on a couch all evening. Desk potato to couch potato.  I haven't worked in an office setting in a long time, but I can remember the endless hours at my desk, followed by the long seated car ride home, followed by the ‘down time’ in front of the computer or TV at night. I was sore…

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Remember when we talked about cuddling? The importance of touch extends much farther than our adult lives. Babies not only benefit from touch, they flourish under it. Now most people can't let babies go when they are around, constantly wanting to hold them or passing them to someone else to hold, but rarely does the new baby get put down. We know how that great feeling benefits us, but what about baby? There are many studies…

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