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Our 3 Favourite Cheesy Wellness Sayings

Originally written by Bailey Gresham, RPT Anyone who knows me knows I like inserting my quirky attitude into educational sessions.      Here are some of my favourite cheesy phrases.   1. Motion is lotion. Correct, AND it rhymes! Many joint surfaces depend on movement for nutrition. Your articular cartilage, discs and menisci get nourishment indirectly by the movement of synovial fluid. They key word being MOVEMENT. If things remain stagnant, you’re depriving your joints of…

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Icing (and not the Frosting on the Cake)

Anyone who knows me knows I am a big believer in staying up-to-date on the most current literature and eating icing on cake. It’s important to know when the scientific community supports the crazy things we get our clients to do in clinic. I think it is also important to stay on top of controversial topics. So prepare yourself for the controversial topic of… ICING! RICE (Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation) has been perpetuated as the…

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3 Things You Need To Know About Tissue Healing

So you went over on your ankle. Now, a black and blue softball currently resides where your ankle used to live. It’s painful, swollen, hot and difficult to walk on. When is this going to get better?! This is probably the most frequently asked question I get as a physiotherapist. Generally speaking, a moderate sprain/strain can take upwards of 8+ weeks to resolve. HOLY CRAP! 8 WEEKS?! Yes, 8 weeks, give or take. I cannot…

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About Us

At Whole Therapy, we believe that two heads are better than one. Our team works together to help people: It’s simple. Because one therapy is not always the one for everyone. We know that every body is different, and everyone has different goals, preferences, and timelines when it comes to their health and their bodies.


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