#TrySomethingNew – Chiropractic Adjustment With Dr. Lovely

January 22, 2020

For those of you who are contemplating your first adjustment from a chiropractor, this blog is for YOU!! Contrary to what some people think, a chiropractic adjustment doesn’t have to be a “huge aggressive adjustment” (and they really aren’t!) to be effective and Dr. Lovely is the proof! Yes Dr. Lovely is lovely, and she also happens to be a great chiropractor! I would best describe her as gentle yet extremely tuned in to what your needs are. Dr. Lovely uses a different approach in her practice and it works! She uses a tool called an impulse gun for the more gentle and specific adjustments, and it’s really wonderful for those individuals looking for a lighter touch. 

She explains the impulse gun as a device that delivers a quick, accurate pulse. It’s so non invasive and truly underwhelming (in a positive way). Initially, my body was anticipating a strong impulse from the impulse gun but truly it was, like she explained, very specific to the joint she was targeting. There was absolutely no muscle guarding, no muscle tensing. It was great! 

Going in, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I have had adjustments in the past using the more commonly known and familiar methods, IE drop tables or larger bigger movements associated with adjustments. For me personally, when I would hear the “pops” of the adjustment, I would automatically associate it with relief. To me the sound was the indicator that it had done its job.



But with Dr. Lovely, because the impulse gun doesn’t give you those large and noisy pops, I didn’t feel the effects of the treatment until I got up and moved around. In fact, once I got off the table I was blown away by how much more movement I had and how much better I felt in general! So for those who may not want to hear or feel those snap crackle and pops, this is very a great way to experience the positive benefits of chiropractic care and a far less apprehensive or anxiety inducing way to get adjusted. 

Not only does Dr. Lovely bring a more calming approach to her practice, she also loves to treat both children and expecting mothers. Especially those mothers whose babies are breached. Her approach to practice is unique and for those who feel like chiropractic may be beneficial but are hesitant, starting your wellness journey with Dr. Lovely is an excellent option!

Stephanie Lanthier

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