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Running With Richelle – Running and Minimalist Shoes

I often ask my clients who are runners to try to run in lighter, more flexible shoes to avoid developing a lazy foot which can lead to so many different running injuries and performance issues!

2 ways to go lighter:

? Every time you are needing to buy a new pair of sneakers, get something a little lighter and slightly less supportive than what you currently have.

? If switching from stability shoes right to minimalist shoes make certain you have an efficient running form (170+ cadence and no heavy heel strike) and make the switch very gradually. You may only tolerate a few minutes in the new shoes! With some clients I’ll actually get them to carry their shoes with them and then switch shortly into the run. They’ll then run longer and longer in the minimalists until they have completely transitioned over.

4 aspects that are important when minimalist shoe shopping (see pics below):

? You can twist the shoe.
? You can fold the shoe in half.
? You have little to no heel.
? The shoe itself is lightweight.

Test out your own shoes to see how flexible they are!

If you’d like to discuss your running performance, whether you’re a seasoned vet or completely new to the sport, don’t hesitate to contact myself or the clinic. We’d love to set you up with a running assessment!

See you out there!



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