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Are Sneezes Evil? Or Is There Something Else Going On Here?

Dr. Lovely here with a question for you.

Have you ever had one of these moments, where you bend down to pick something up, maybe a sock, or toy your kid has left on the floor, or perhaps had one of those epic sneezes and WHAMMO! Your life flashes before your eyes?? (OK, not really but kinda really!)

Most socks or sneezes, as far as I can tell, aren’t inherently evil and aren’t actively seeking to cause you pain. So, do you really think that the sock you picked up or that the sneeze were the cause?

I’m here to tell you that that is not the case!!!  As a chiropractor with 25 years of experience listening to patients stories, there’s not much that I haven’t heard or seen. And I’m willing to bet that you had signs and signals from your body well before that Mother Of All Sneezes!

Sometimes, we don’t listen to our bodies the way we should be. Instead of taking action to correct imbalances, postural habits etc. we’ll ignore aches and pains assuming they will go away. And many times they do! That’s because our bodies are very good at adapting to these things and moving on. The problem is that adapting is NOT the same as correcting!!

Our bodies can only adapt so many times before they actually start to break down.  Neglected for too long and all kinds of unpleasantness (Degeneration, disc bulge, inflammation etc.) can occur and then we have no choice but to deal with it. Best advice? Don’t wait until you’re in this situation. Pay attention to the warning signals your body provides! If you’re dealing with aches and pains, we can help you identify and and help you alleviate them. It’s so much easier to take care of small warnings before they become the drop you to your knees sneeze!!

Looking forward to meeting you!

Dr. Jennifer Lovely

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