Lancaster Team, Assemble! – Meet Alicia

November 13, 2019

Get to know Alicia in this quick, fun little Q&A 🙂

What are your passions?

In life, I love pushing myself and seeing how far I can go. I love pole fitness and how it allows me to move my body and use my strength in different ways than I use in the gym. I am also very passionate about Spartan races, I have been doing them for 4 years now and completed my first trifecta this year (next goal is 2 x trifectas!). In regards to massage therapy, I love helping my clients gain more mobility and live a pain free life in whatever it is they love to do. I’ve always loved the rehab aspect and helping clients regain or even surpass their limits prior to injury.

Favorite food? Drink?

I loooove peanut butter ice cream ?? (specifically the kind from loblaws candy shoppe), and my favourite drink is good ol water. 

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

If I could visit anywhere in the world, it would be New Zealand. I love nature and natural scenery (hills, oceans, forests), as well as old architecture, and New Zealand just looks absolutely breathtaking.

What is your specialty in your field of work?

I love working with rehab clients and TMJ clients. I love seeing improvement and hearing back how something we’ve done has helped my clients. A lot of clients who have jaw pain were hesitant to try intra-oral massage, but after the first session, were very happy with how they felt afterwards.

Secret talent?

Pole fitness! 

What energizes you at work?

What really energizes me is having a positive and upbeat work environment with amazing coworkers! ✔️ and ✔️!



What’s your biggest work pet peeve?

When linens aren’t restocked in the room or if my lotion/gel bottle is greasy because it wasn’t washed.

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