Stephanie Lanthier, Registered Massage Therapist

Stephanie Lanthier, Registered Massage Therapist

Loves to Treat: Sports injuries, Post-concussion, TMJ, Deep Tissue

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I love my job because:

Helping others is what I love the most. As an elite level athlete, I have understanding of how massage therapy fits into athletic therapy and training cycles. I also have experienced first hand severe whiplash and concussion. This unfortunate injury has allowed me to see through the eyes of my clients and provide them with a safe and nurturing environment to help them heal.

See me if:

You want to alleviate headaches, maintain healthy muscle tissue and prevent further injury. Allow me to provide you with the knowledge and body awareness it takes to heal. Not only will I provide you with the tools to help you recover, but I will also work with you to help prevent future pain. I am a firm believer that motion is lotion, and that by inspiring you to work towards your own healthy life choices, that pushes me to be the best therapist that I can be.


I believe:

That being mindful of our bodies will allow us to live a better, more well-rounded life. When we are aware and knowledgeable of what our bodies need, we can then work towards achieving optimal performance. Massage therapy allows us to feel and become aware of our needs, both in a general wellness and therapeutic setting. This is a great start to giving the body what it needs to be strong and healthy.


Qualifications and Courses:

Registered Massage Therapist (2019)

departments: Massage Therapy