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Thriving During The Holiday Season With Emotional Freedom Techniques

Being responsible for parents, partner’s, children’s’, and work needs can feel exhausting. Competing demands day after day can put caregivers into survival mode. Overwhelming feelings of stress burn out, guilt, resentment, incompetence, and emotionally running on fumes. Christmas, and the upcoming Holliday Season during the time of Covid 19 may feel like the proverbial last straws.

It doesn’t have to be that way: The use of Emotional Freedom Techniques commonly known as Tapping, allows the conscious and subconscious mind to come together and realize no matter how big and messy a situation is, it’s all a bunch of little pieces. Some more important than others, and some, totally outside our control. With that understanding at both the conscious and subconscious level, the enormous messy pile of impossible “stuff” resolves into bite-sized pieces. Using EFT effectively, creates a safe space to catch our breath, come out of survival mode and begin figuring out the whole story around each piece. How true is the feeling about each piece? how critical is it? are we stressing over things we have no control over? Are there paths forward we couldn’t yet see because we were stuck in survival mode and overwhelm?

Every feeling is attached to a belief and those core subconscious beliefs or assumptions were laid down in early childhood. Primarily by the age of 6. As adults, how we “feel” and react to situations is largely driven by early subconscious experiences and assumptions. They’re like the operating system running in the background of our mental computer. Using EFT creates a safe, peaceful space where the adult logical mind, can gently lead the subconscious mind to understand the rest of the story in the current grown-up reality. We become actors, not reactors to the experiences in our lives.

This is powerful stuff. Research shows about 95% of all feelings, thoughts and decisions are heavily influenced by the subconscious mind. Unexamined automatic programs of stress and emotional distress response, seriously degrade resiliency and quality of life. Moreover, the U.S. Center for Disease Control, estimates stress plays a significant role in 90% of all health issues. The effects of compassionately examining and healing old programs which no longer serve us well, can be life changing.

Sometimes, just being aware of these factors can be enough. Other times stronger tools are needed. Emotional Freedom Techniques and related therapies act like a marriage counsellor between the conscious and subconscious minds. Allowing the recognition of current truths and realities beyond child based family and societal assumptions.

If this resonates for you or a lived one, contact our Integrative therapist David Gilbert to explore therapies so effective they’re guaranteed.

Wishing you peace and happiness during the upcoming season.


Author: David EP Gilbert. David is a highly experienced Integrative Therapist working with anxiety/depression, ADD, stress, burnout, grief, trauma, PTSD and self-sabotage. He’s based at Whole Therapy and ECOSYS Wellness Center in Ottawa ON. Canada. Being trained in a number of modalities including Emotional Freedom Techniques and PTT (Picture Tapping Techniques), he works with clients both in-office and via phone or video cam across North America. Services so powerful they’re guaranteed

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