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Pick a thought, any thought

I love the idea that we get to choose our results. 

Sometimes, in moments of frustration or continued failure, it’s easy to blame other people, or circumstances, or the Universe on the results we’re getting (or not getting), but really it all comes down to our thoughts and feelings.

What do I want to achieve?

THE GOAL. This could be anything, from weight loss, to not losing my s*** getting my kids out the door, to getting that promotion. Choose your own adventure. The goals and possibilities are endless.

What actions do I need to take to get there?

THE PROCESS. Once there’s a result you want, work backwards. What steps do I need to take? What actions (big and small) will direct me to the results I want? Lay them all out.

How do I need to feel in order to take these actions?

THE FEELINGS. Ohhh, the feelings. So many of us are inclined to skip the understanding of our feelings because they aren’t tangible. But they’re so important. Why? Because how we feel drives how we act. And we’ve just laid out the necessary actions to create the results we’re after. So feeling the right way is essential. Choose carefully: do you need to be motivated? Confident? Neutral?

What do I need to think to generate this feeling?

THIS is where our power lies. The THOUGHTS.

We get to choose the thoughts. We get to choose. And those thoughts lay a path out for our results. But if we are unaware of what we’re feeling, we are even more unaware of what our thoughts are. 

Let’s sit with that a minute. You’ve got a goal, and action steps to get there. You understand that you need to be feeling confident to take action. Then you stop and think: What am I currently thinking about the pursuit of this goal? If the answer that immediately comes to mind is this is stupid or I’ll never be able to do that, notice. Are those thoughts going to make you feel confident?

Trying on intentionally different thoughts takes practice, but when you hit the right one, you feel it resonate.

If I don’t try, I’ll never know.

I can do anything.

I am able and worthy of reaching this goal. 

And side note:

In case you’re trying to avoid being uncomfortable, maybe just stop that right now, because you’re going to be uncomfortable anyway. 

It’s either discomfort from not being where you want to be, or discomfort from getting there. When you lay it out like that, the choice is easy.

I wish you a week filled with discomfort in pursuit of the results you’re after. 

Jen Wright, Clinic Founder, Massage Therapist

Jen Wright, Clinic Founder, Massage Therapist

Jen Wright is an RMT and  Founder of Whole Therapy. She is passionate about real, attainable wellness and educating as many people as she can about it.  She believes that pain-free is possible.

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