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Choose your own Adventure

On this day, one year ago, I got bangs. I remember it vividly because it felt like a portend of positivity; a fresh start, a little bit of newness. I felt good.

On this day, 2020

Ironically, the following day we shut the clinics, the city, the world, down. (Should I have just stuck with the side part?)

Somebody on my table said to me yesterday, “This was such a wasted year. I can never get it back, and I’m one step closer to being in my grave.” I was almost inclined to agree, and then I thought,

Wait a second.

It’s not like we should discard the shite parts of this year and say to ourselves, “Let’s make a list of why 2020 was super duper great!” I mean, power to you if you can (realistically) say that, but I feel like most of us are not in that place.

But, as per my last blog, we don’t always have to go from a negative thought to an overtly positive one. We can climb up one step, to neutral.

I want to offer this: The Year of Covid Happened. It happened, and there was nothing we could do about it.

Sure, there are still shutdowns happening. Yes, there are lots of questionable choices being made by the powers that be and the people of the world, and absolutely we are still living in mild (to severe) uncertainty, but one thing is for certain: 

2020 is over. It happened, and now it’s over. It was a thing we had to live through. It derailed many of our plans and changed our minds about a lot of things. We can’t change one single thing about what we did or didn’t do with our time. We can’t change one bit of how we reacted.

But we can choose how we think and feel, today, and moving forward.

We can’t change one thing about what we did with our time. We can’t change one bit of how we reacted. But we can choose how we think and feel, today.

Three of my newest team members took their OSCE tests this past week. This is a practical test that the province mandates before they can treat clients as Registered Massage Therapists. They were due to take this test last August. Their careers were put on hold for nearly a year.

And yet, they posted pictures after the test, smiling, hopeful, elated. They’re moving forward and excited. They’re not being dragged down by what was. They’re choosing to think ahead instead of being anchored by the past. 

Some of our future RMTs

This year happened. Let’s move on.

I’ve had to make some tough business decisions this year. I cried lots of tears, had some sleepless nights, and wondered more than a few times if my decisions would lead to success or failure. I look back on them now and I think, I decided things. Some of those things were, in hindsight, wrong. Some were great decisions. But I survived this year, and I’m stronger for it. 

We don’t get to choose the circumstances of our lives. But we do get to choose the thoughts we have about these circumstances, and when we choose thoughts on purpose, we reclaim our power.

We can’t change what 2020 was. But now, we can choose what we make it mean.

Jen Wright, Clinic Founder, Massage Therapist

Jen Wright, Clinic Founder, Massage Therapist

Jen Wright is an RMT and  Founder of Whole Therapy. She is passionate about real, attainable wellness and educating as many people as she can about it.  She believes that pain-free is possible.

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