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Physiotherapy Misconceptions – Part 1

Hey everyone, Lindsay here! Let’s talk Physiotherapy for a sec.

Inquiries galore about Physiotherapy. A plethora if you will, of inquiries.

Here are a few comments that I have heard from friends, acquaintances, people in our community, and  individuals that have called in to the clinic looking to treat their pain. I have personally had success with physiotherapy and feel it is an integral part of treating pain acutely and preventatively. That being said, I am not a Physiotherapist…but hey! I happen to know a few of them here at Whole Therapy.

I reached out to Asif Bux, Registered Physiotherapist at our Lancaster location to help us clear up some myths and misconceptions that I have come across. Part 1 focuses on the “It didn’t work” family of inquiries/comments.


“My Physio in the past has not worked. I was hurting for weeks afterwards”

Fact: It’s possible to feel a little sore during an assessment because a physiotherapist will need to understand the limits of your movement and strength. That being said, physiotherapy treatments itself should not hurt.

The priority is not only to get rid of your pain but also to get you moving and functioning optimally without pain. This will mean that you’ll need to put in some effort to practice moving better and getting stronger, which may push you out of your comfort zone at times.


“I have gotten Physiotherapy in the past and it didn’t work. It was too hard”

Fact:  Physiotherapists should consider the patient’s objectives. Sometimes a patient’s objectives may differ from Physiotherapist’s. It’s part of our job to assess your level of ability when it comes to the exercises we are asking you to participate in.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Physiotherapy is the participants ability to well, participate. There is only so much that can be done in clinic to solve any issues. As a therapist, we will be assigning work for you to do on your own as well as providing treatment to you while you are with us at the clinic. But active participation is certainly expected! You’re more likely to get as much ( or as little) out of Physiotherapy as you put in!

“I’ve had Physiotherapy in the past and it didn’t work. I just want a massage”

Try considering a collaborative or a combination approach to address your injury or rehabilitation problems. The combination of Massage and Physiotherapy can often help resolve your problems in a better and more effective way. It is not at all uncommon for us to see clients on the same day as our Massage Therapy colleagues.


“I have received treatments in the past and they didn’t work. I sat on a bed and they put a machine on my leg and some ice packs”

At Whole Therapy, we use an active approach to your treatments. Sessions will include hands-on techniques such as manual therapy and soft tissue release as well as learning a guided exercise program. We like to focus on the hands-on treatments while you’re here with us as these are the things you as a client can’t typically do by yourself.

The use of ice/heat, TENS, EMS etc. are sometimes indicated and are useful for us during your sessions, but we will never prioritize this over active rehabilitation!

Lindsay Reid, Clinic Owner

Lindsay is a Whole Therapy Franchisee and will own a clinic in the very near future. In her words: "I love that we get to build a little space on this big round ball and then fill it with awesome people. Then, we get to help lots of people live free of pain. We get to help them move. We help them smile a little more than the day before."

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