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Back Pain? Try a little Peace & Love pt 2

If you're just jumping in, we're talking about low back pain and how to relieve it. In my first blog last week, I mentioned that the old acronym for musculoskeletal injuries management was RICE: (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation). At the present moment the science suggests a new acronym: PEACE and LOVE (Protection,…

Physiotherapy Misconceptions – Part 1

Hey everyone, Lindsay here! Let's talk Physiotherapy for a sec. Inquiries galore about Physiotherapy. A plethora if you will, of inquiries. Here are a few comments that I have heard from friends, acquaintances, people in our community, and  individuals that have called in to the clinic looking to treat their…

Physiotherapy Misconceptions – Part 2

Greetings and salutations! previously, we asked Asif Bux, our Physiotherapist over at the Lancaster clinic to help clarify some common misconceptions about Physiotherapy. Here's part 2 of the conversation. Enjoy! “Isn't Physiotherapy for athletes and really active people. That’s not me.” People often describe Physiotherapists as the treating of sports…

The Functional Movement Assessment

The Functional Movement Assessment Picture this: you're heading to the gym for a workout. Are you excited? Nervous? Finding excuses to dive back under the covers? Feelings about workouts and gym spaces vary vastly. Common amongst us all, however, is a desire for our bodies to look good and move well. And…

More Power To You

**DISCLAIMER!!** To get the full benefit of this blog, I suggest listening to “Eye of the Tiger”.     So this blog is all about POWER!  And the importance of adding power exercises into your training protocol. We all know what speed is, and we know what strength is, but…

What In The World Is A Kinesiologist?

If I had a dollar every time I was asked what a Kin was, I would no longer actually have to work as a Kin! However, all these questions and puzzled looks and head scratches got me thinking, NO ONE KNOWS WHAT A KIN IS. So, I’m here to educate…


For soft tissue injuries – that is everything from a sprain to a strain or tear to tendinitis – reducing inflammation becomes your biggest objectives, thus your perspective on nutrition has to shift.  Your focus is now fighting inflammation and fueling repair. There's something about knowing that eating clean can…

Running With Richelle – IT Band Syndrome

  What is IT Band Syndrome? Glad you asked! The iliotibial (IT) band is a thick band of fascia that runs from your pelvis to the outside of your knee. Repetitive bending and straightening of the knee while running can cause constant rubbing of the IT band over the bony…

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