“Up Yours” – An Emotional Resiliency Workshop by Hal Hughes

July 15, 2019

Who’s Hal?

Hal Hughes is a former MMA fighter who has served his province as a police officer for the last fifteen years. Over the course of his career, he sustained two separate severe traumatic brain injuries, five years apart. These combined incidents would lead to diagnoses of PTSD and Bipolar Disorder, as well as seeing “Officer” Hal fighting with addiction. In his keynote speeches, Hal explains how he rebuilt himself from a suicidal recluse into to a leader who helps other first responders and military personnel deal with trauma and reclaim their lives. In addition to being a husband and father of four, Hal is also a member of Mensa, and is currently completing graduate work in psychology.


Anything but ordinary, “Officer” Hal does not simply stand and deliver a keynote address. He creates an engaging experience for the audience whereby he infuses energy, insights, and emotion into the room. His candid revelations about himself and his experiences as a police officer, combined with a brutally honest delivery, always evoke both laughter and tears from his audiences.

Emotional Resiliency 

Success in our all of our lives and relationships is based on our mental and emotional resilience. Very little training is ever offered on how we create our emotional states, or the perspectives needed to rise up stronger from the inevitable struggles we face in life.

Building resilience is an essential tool required in our mental toolbox more so now than ever in today’s world.  The ability to adapt well to adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or even significant sources of stress, can help not only us but our children manage stress and feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. However, being resilient does not mean that we will not experience difficulty or distress. But it does offer an opportunity to cope, deal with, or process that distress.

The beauty of resilience is that while it’s partly about your personality and your genetic makeup, there are also some very learnable skills. Hal’s resilience practices and techniques are something that each and every one of us can implement into our everyday lives.


Whole Therapy is proud to present and host

“Up Yours” – An Emotional Resiliency Workshop

With Hal Hughes

Anyone looking to increase their resilience to life’s stressors (trauma, divorce, mental illness, disease) and the hardships of life in general should definitely consider this a can’t-miss afternoon. Nobody teaches us in high school how to move forward in life when the going gets tough, or worse. The skills and habits learned during this workshop are designed for just that purpose. Life can be a battle: arm yourself for success. Why settle for just getting by when we were truly meant to flourish!

Take home from this engaging seminar a very specific set of perspectives, principals, and habits. All designed to help steer you towards finding your happiness as well as assisting you to refocus on your true purpose and finding meaning in your life!

Topics Include

  • Mastering Emotions: How we create every emotion we feel in our lives, and how to start creating better ones.
  • Principals of Resilience: Specific tactics and perspectives for engaging with the world in a way that leads to more positive emotions and relationships.
  • Habits of Resilience: A very specific and dynamic set of daily habits which are guaranteed to impact one’s life.
  • Carpe Momento Meditation: A warrior based meditation; simple, practical, and effective for those engaged in the battle of life.

Check out a snippet here of Hal in action! 


Workshop Details

When: Saturday October 5th – 1 pm To 5 pm
Where: Whole Therapy – 212-2650 Queensview Drive
How much: $65.00 plus HST
Why: Because you deserve to be the best version of yourself as possible!

Contact Whole Therapy
613.599.2311 or info@wholetherapyottawa.com to reserve your spot today!!






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