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Dear Friend: You Are Enough

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a Women’s Business Network event with a group of phenomenal women. We spoke about building each other up, which is so important, especially considering the events happening in our world. We wrote letters to friends with sincere love in our hearts, and then read the letters to ourselves. Because often the compassion and love we show our friends, we neglect to show ourselves. In case you need reminding: You’re enough. Read on.

Dear Friend,

I wanted to write and tell you something.

This road you’re on, it’s exactly where you need to be. You have come so far already in such a short time, and I want you to know that I see you. I see you growing and learning and putting yourself out there. 

I admire your resilience and your vulnerability, and I think that the best people in the world are a balanced combination of both of those qualities. You need to be able to say that you’re tired. Sad. Heartbroken, even.

And then you need to pull yourself out of the pool and dry off and move the f*** on. You’ve been doing that your whole life, and I’m honoured to witness it now. The person you are becoming is so beautiful. They are glowing from the inside out.

To me, you are strong

It can’t be easy, being a person in your shoes right now. It can’t have been easy, having gone through those hard times you’ve experienced. You’ve re-introduced yourself to yourself so many times already. You had the strength (more than once) to complete a task where so many others wouldn’t have even begun. You are strong in body and in mind. You’re a warrior.

To me, you are enough.

A recovering people pleaser might always find it hard to end a sentence with a period instead of three exclamation points and a smiley emoji, but you should know that a period will suffice. You don’t owe anyone your layers of comfort, pleasure, or success. Those layers are yours; you’ve earned them. You are enough the way you are: in all of your imperfect glory. 

Read this as many times as you need to so that you believe it. You’re pretty f***ing awesome.

Love, Me

Jen Wright, Clinic Founder, Registered Massage Therapist

Jen Wright is an RMT and  Founder of Whole Therapy. She is passionate about real, attainable wellness and educating as many people as she can about it.  She believes that pain-free is possible.

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