September 2, 2015

Win with #ChangeOneThing!

September is often a month of reinvention.

We are back to school, back to work, back to “normal” life, and it’s right about now that everyone realizes they slacked off too much this summer/ate too much this summer/drank too much this summer/didn’t get organized enough this summer.


And then what happens? We look at our lives (which are about to get really busy between now and Christmas), and we panic a little bit.

I need an overhaul! We think. I need to completely change my diet/exercise/habits/life! I’d better start now!

And then we jump right in and change everything. For a week. And nothing sticks, and we very, very quickly revert back to our old patterns.


Anything is possible.

So what’s the cure?

Change IS possible. It’s just not feasible to change everything all at once. Changing one habit at a time and letting it settle is a much more successful (and way less stressful) way to better oneself.

When you change one thing at a time:

  •  You create positive and lasting deliberate change in your life, which increases your feelings of self-worth (not to mention your longevity and quality of life!)
  •  You can focus your best efforts on that one thing, increasing your chance of success.
  • You can see the effects of the one thing on your life; the insight
    too many paths

    Pick one way and stick to it.

    gained as a result can lead you to your next one thing more seamlessly.

  • You create mental discipline without overwhelm. One thing is manageable.


How to get started on #ChangeOneThing

  1. What’s your goal? Do you want to lose weight? Get healthier eating habits? Be less stressed? Be more organized for your kids’ school? Having a goal in mind is your first step.
  2. Break it down. If your goal is to eat healthier, for example, you want to start by either eliminating one unhealthy eating habit (say, eating chips at night), or adding one healthy habit into your routine (like drinking the recommended amount of water each day)
  3.  …Or don’t. Have you ever just wanted to change something up because you need a change? This is also a good time for that!

    Here are five fun #ChangeOneThing examples that will simply spice up life:

    1. Have breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, the whole nine yards. Maybe even do it in your pajamas.

    Why not?

    Breakfast for dinner – why not?

    2. Change your work perspective. Colder weather is coming – why not spend an hour with your laptop out on the deck, or at the picnic tables near your office? If that’s not possible, change your screen saver to a new, fun picture, or an inspiring quote to motivate you.workoutside

    3. Get a new ‘do. Revamping your style with a haircut or a new colour does wonders for your creativity and confidence.get a haircut
    4. Read that book collecting dust on your bookshelf. Or go out and buy a new one – you deserve it.

    Put down the phone for awhile and get into a good book instead.

    Put down the phone for awhile and get into a good book instead.

    5. Take a class. Lots of general interest classes start in the fall. What are you interested in? Sports? Drawing? Photography? Salsa Dancing? There are hundreds to choose from.

    Always wanted to try yoga? Drop in to a class!

    Always wanted to try yoga? Drop in to a class!

We at Whole Therapy want to hear from YOU! Take a picture or write a post about your #ChangeOneThing experience. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #WholeTherapy as well. We’ve got some great prizes to give away!



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