5 Tips To Help You Find the Best Yoga Mat

July 31, 2019

When you practice yoga, one of the most important purchases is your yoga mat.  The mat can make all the difference in whatever style of yoga that you practice.  You want a mat that is the right fit for your particular style of yoga and your body type.

Due to the popularity of yoga, the yoga mats have also become more solid, textured and higher quality.  In fact, there are many yoga mats available today that are eco-friendly. Eco-friendly mats are much more favorable because they are better for the environment and aren’t made with toxic materials.  

There are many eco-friendly types of yoga mats (thanks to the team at ConsumersAdvocates.Org for putting in the research!)to choose from that can still be comfortable and flexible.   The eco-friendly mats come in cotton, cork, jute and many other durable and eco-friendly materials. 


The cheaper, plastic mats are less popular today as we realize discover the negative impact these mats have on the environment and our bodies.  The plastic mats are also filled with toxic materials and the last thing you want is to practice yoga on that kind of mat. 

Now that you know the benefits of an eco-friendly yoga mat, there are a few other things to consider: 


The traction of the mat you purchase can be very important no matter what type of yoga you practice.  A mat which has some traction is important, but you want to be comfortable when moving. The texture of the mat also determines the traction and a rougher mat is ideal as you advance in your yoga practice.

The Thickness of the Mats

The thickness you want in a mat usually depends on your body type and the kind of yoga you practice.   A thicker mat is better for those of us that have back or any joint paint. It is also typically preferred if you practice a more meditative style of yoga.  The thickness, however, might make it harder to feel the floor. Therefore, it depends on your body type and what’s important to you.

Durability of the Mat

You always want a high-quality mat that will last a long time.  There are plenty of eco-friendly mats as well as other quality mats that can last a long time. It’s worth spending a little more money for a mat that will last you a longer time no matter what style of yoga that you practice.

Sticky vs. Slippery Mats

A stickier mat is usually a better choice for a yoga mat when you are practicing a more advance type of yoga.  A sticky mat makes it easier to keep your alignment correct as well as switching poses. There are many yoga practices that in which you need to stay positioned for minutes at a time and a sticky mat is certainly more preferable.

Length of the Mat

The length of the mat can be important to consider and you want a mat that is at least six inches longer than your actual height.  If you are tall or more than six feet, there are extra-long yoga mats that you can purchase. If you have broad shoulders, and extra-wide yoga mat should give you the extra space that you might need.

You can find the right eco-friendly yoga mat that suits your needs and style of yoga.  Since there are so many high-quality, eco-friendly yoga mats available, you should be able to find a great one that will last a long time and will contribute to saving the environment. 

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