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Overcoming Adverse Childhood Events With EFT

It’s surprising how many clients have expressed guilt for coming to therapy because they shouldn’t need it. Their childhood wasn’t that bad or traumatic. Researchers now understand that Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs) are early life experiences which fall into two categories. Any experience which causes you to feel like your…

Emotional Freedom Technique & The Importance Of Perspective

While on a recent European trip, a brief conversation with my travel partner had me feeling out of sorts. Recognizing that my emotional responses to our conversation were just that. My responses, my feelings, I began applying for myself the Emotional Freedom and Intention Energy Process Techniques I use with…

Finding Forgiveness: A Different Perspective

  Forgive and forget. Easy to say, not always so easy to do. What are we supposed to do about the "unforgiveable"? Many of us carry the heavy burden of resentment, hurt, outrage, and/or disappointment for what others have or haven’t done in the past. The transgressions are so big…

Limiting Beliefs – Taming The Inner Critic

 Many of us are terribly self judgmental. Victims of all-or-nothing thinking about our performance, appearance, and worth. This often takes the form of automatic negative tapes running in our heads. Since learning self compassion is a critical skill in developing emotional resiliency, the long term effects of this self talk…

From The Case Files – The First Session

Here's another story of a recent patient of mine. Like many, this woman came for therapy to improve her quality of life. She was experiencing high stress and anxiety.  The session began as I normally like them to. I started explaining that no matter what happened, she would never hurt,…

Emotional & Physical Pain vs EFT & IEP Tapping

Mainstream medicine now accepts that the conscious, and unconscious mind, body, and immune system are all intimately interconnected.  It’s a continuous and very responsive, multi-directional feedback system. The happy practical result of this, is that you can support the entire system through any one or more of these pathways. One…

Dodging The Shorter Day Blues

Depression diagnoses are more common post Daylight Savings Time, according to a study by Danish and American researchers. Many more experience lowered moods at this time of year, without being formally diagnosed. Given the epidemic of stress and depressive symptoms since 2019, and the Fall time-change/shorter days effects, I offer…

Your Memories Can’t Hurt You

Your memories can't hurt you - It's the emotions attached to them that are the issue. Emotions are generated in response to life experiences. Ideally, they are experienced, processed and flow through us to a resolution. Whether it’s grief, joy, awe or hurt, these are not normally static states. It’s…

Stress, Self Sabotage and Fibromyalgia

A highly accomplished, intelligent woman was referred to me for stress and self sabotage. She wanted to accomplish more in her life, but it felt like a struggle. Part of her was ambitious to reach the new goals and visions she had set for herself. But with her subconscious mind…

The Surprising Benefits Of Just 10 Extra Minutes

Many of my clients have tried therapy in the past, and report that their sessions have always been fifty minutes long. This seems reasonable. It allows therapists time to regroup, pull up case notes, get ready for the next client and run their practices efficiently. Some, realizing the amount of…

About Us

At Whole Therapy, we believe that two heads are better than one. Our team works together to help people: It’s simple. Because one therapy is not always the one for everyone. We know that every body is different, and everyone has different goals, preferences, and timelines when it comes to their health and their bodies.


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