December 10, 2014

We get it: You understand that holistic health care is important for your body, and you want to make it fit into your life.  Whether you get massage, chiropractic, or any of our other services, we know that you usually have a limited (or non-existent) benefits plan that only covers part of your treatments for the year.

So what to do?  Well, the beauty of Whole Therapy is that you can stretch your benefits farther by using multiple treatment types for wellness, not just one!

What does that mean?

Here’s an example.  Chantel has a stressful job.  She works at a desk, and has neck pain when she sits too long.  Chantel knows she needs treatment every two to three weeks, but can’t afford the time it takes to have an hour massage that often.  Her solution?  She alternates chiropractic care and massage for her wellness regime.  Chantel knows that her chiropractor and massage therapist will make sure she is getting consistent and comprehensive treatment.  This method of wellness care allows Chantel to maximize her benefits in two categories, as well as get adequate treatment throughout the year.

Another example: Kevin is a busy executive with little time to spare.  He has a hard time relaxing, and doesn’t love the idea of getting massages for stress relief.  Kevin had never heard of using physiotherapy for wellness before (he thought physiotherapy was all for injuries), but when he heard that Whole Therapy’s physiotherapist did acupuncture for relaxation, he was intrigued.

After giving it a try, Kevin is happy – his treatments are no longer than 20 minutes, they’re covered by his physiotherapy insurance, and they don’t involve massage.

Are you stretching your benefits to best serve you and your health?  We can help.

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