Wesley Gresham, RMT

Wesley Gresham, RMT

Guitar Geek Extraordinaire
Loves to treat/use:  Active Release Therapy, Deep Tissue

I love my job because:

I get to see people overcome barriers and obstacles that they had originally thought to be impossible. To have a direct
hand in that process is just surreal!

See me if:

You are feeling restricted in your body and want to open everything up to get your mobility going again! I
have a wide range of modalities in combination with Active Release so I can address most of the soft
tissue elements in the body.  My treatments can be interactive depending on the modalities being used, so
expect me to request things of you as well for a great team effort approach to recovery!

 I believe:

That a functional recovery is a long lasting recovery.  Think of the body as an orchestra.  If one section is
out of tune or practice, the performance is not successful.  As such, it is important to address all aspects of
function in order to make your performance as exceptional as can be!

Qualifications and Courses:

  • Scar Tissue Mobilizations (2013)
  • Deep Tissue Massage (2015)
  • Active Release Technique – Lower Body (2017)
  • Active Release Technique – Upper Body and Spine (Coming soon)
departments: Massage Therapy
procedures: Massage Therapy