Running With Richelle – Staying Motivated Throughout The Winter

December 7, 2018

Having difficulty staying motivated to continue running throughout the winter months? Why not consider joining one of these FREE running groups?


Bushtukah Stittsville Trail Running Group

This friendly welcoming group either trail runs or snowshoe runs every Saturday morning at 8:30am. They choose a different location every Saturday. I moved to Ottawa in August and with this group I have explored so much of the Green Belt trails in the west end. Start your weekend off right with fresh air, exercise and great company! Join their Facebook group “Bushtukah Stittsville Trail Running” for more info.

Natural Fitness Lab

If you are looking to snowshoe regularly and would like to incorporate more hill work into your routine, check out Natural Fitness Lab. They meet every Wednesday evening in Gatineau Park at 6:25pm. Join their Facebook group “Natural Fitness Lab” or go on their website:

Running Room’s Free Run Club

Use the following link to look up a Running Room near you.

They offer free group runs throughout the week! Usually Wednesday evenings, Sundays at 8:30am and either Friday evenings or Saturday mornings.  I joined the Westboro location last month for an evening run and met a great group of people!

(Wayne Cuddington / Ottawa Citizen) 112182

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