January 8, 2015

Do you ever just sit back at the end of the day to reflect, or sit back and enjoy life? Me either. But over the Christmas holidays I had some time to do just that, and the relaxation I felt from it made me wonder why I didn’t take time out more often.

Crashing at the end of the day sounds like a wonderful thing doesn’t it? Well, it’s funny to me. We are so distracted during the day, whether it be due to our jobs or our own choosing. By the time we get home, all we want to do at night is sit in front of the tv…or the phone…or the computer; but isn’t that just what we did all day at work?

We busy our bodies all day with doing things – work, working out, taking care of the kids, cooking, cleaning. BUT I feel like we busy our minds so much more. Taking time out do “do nothing” has become taking time out to play on the phone or check FaceBook.

In other words, taking time out has become plugging back in, for we are looking for something to constantly entertain our minds, something quick and easy.

I never really noticed just how much I was addicted to being distracted by things until I took time off work at Christmas. I wanted to read. That was my goal – I wanted to finish my book.

Well, guess what? I only got a chance to read on my last day off. Was this because of my own choosing? Yes, most undoubtedly. Even as I was reading on that last day I realized that all I wanted to do was be entertained by something else. Even though I loved the book I was reading, I wanted to go on Facebook, watch YouTube videos, check my email, I wanted to be distracted, entertained.

So how can we remedy this need for constant distraction?

My suggestion is that we all narrow our lens, and begin by looking at our own bodies.

We get so caught up in what we have created in our lives, that we don’t take time for ourselves and we don’t learn about what our bodies are saying. Sure, we notice the aches and pains we have, but they have become our normal. Pain is not normal; it’s our bodies telling us that something is wrong. But we ignore it because we have too many other things fighting for control of our minds.

The busier our lives, the more time we need to take to unplug. And it needs to be a conscious decision, because distraction is everywhere: even at the gym (an excellent place to unplug) you go on a treadmill and there’s a TV in front of you, or you check your phone between sets. You go from working in front of a computer all day to sitting in front of a TV at night. Where, in all this time, do you unplug?

Unplugging is awesome. Let me tell you. Taking an hour where you aren’t being put in front of a screen is an amazing thing. Your brain starts working differently. You start decompressing. You reflect on your day and work out issues you have been dealing with.

So… what better way than to unplug and get your back to doing something for your body, than taking an hour for a massage? It’s an hour that is all about you and your needs. Where our attention is focused on you. How often does that happen?

Trust me, unplug, your body will thank you for it.


Melissa Beals is an RMT with Whole Therapy. Melissa works extensively with athletes of all levels with a goal in mind to increase their athletic performance through education and understanding of their bodies. See more about Melissa here.