EFT and Anger Part 1 – Hot Anger Issues

April 11, 2019

Most people don’t set out to be angry.  A button gets pushed and they’re gone. They don’t plan it.  It just happens.   All the good intentions in the world go by the wayside once they’re triggered.  Most often, it’s angry hurtful words.   In extreme cases it can result in physical assaults.

These seemingly uncontrolled responses seldom make the situation better.  So why would people who appear calm and rational other times have such sensitive “switches”?   The answer lies in the non-logical parts of our brains.  Just behind the forehead, lies the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for our logical thoughts and planning.  Everything else behind that plays a reactive supporting role.   When we’re feeling calm, cool and collected, we have great blood flow to the logical brain.  It gets to largely stay in charge and works pretty well.

As soon as we become stressed, blood flow begins to be diverted to the more primitive survival portions of the brain.  Now we’re in reactive mode.   Our body gets tense, hormones flood our system and we become combative as our central nervous system triggers the fight part of the basic fight/flight/freeze survival modes.  What determines these responses in reactive mode?  The subconscious mind.

The problem is, the core beliefs and assumptions informing the subconscious mind are laid down by the age of six.  In effect, when we’re stressed, a one to six year old is calling the shots. That’s scary for both the adult and the little kid pulling the levers.  The subconscious mind isn’t trying to be hard to get along with.  It’s just trying to keep us safe; the best way it thinks it knows how.Fortunately, there are powerful  Integrative Therapies such as Emotional Freedom Techniques and Picture Tapping Techniques.   In the hands of a skilled practitioner these allow us to gently and effectively rewrite the early programming through the language of feelings.  Every feeling is attached to a belief.  So negative feelings are the “diagnostics” of where early programming doesn’t fit well with our current realities. Over four hundred clinical studies including brain imaging studies attest to the impact of these techniques.  To enhance the progress of each session, our Integrative Therapist  allows clients to have time prior to each session with a class II medical device system at no additional cost.  In Canada, this is registered for the treatment of pain and circulation issues, but it also helps calm the mind and body.  By reducing the alarm signals being sent from the body to the subconscious, sessions progress more easily.

How effective are these tools? They’re so powerful they’re guaranteed.  Once a client has experienced their first session, they have the option to enter the warranty program. In this program, they purchase an additional four sessions.  In the unlikely event they do not make significant progress within those five sessions, we refund the fees.

To learn more, stop by the clinic and pick up a free Health Pass worth $80.00. This covers the cost of the initial assessment and information session. David Gilbert , our Integrative Therapist can be reached directly @ 613-747-5458.

Yours in good mental and emotional health.

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