March 15, 2019

Self-sabotage. The art of subconsciously preventing ourselves from reaching the dreams and goals we think we desire. This takes many forms and comes from a variety of root causes. One of the most insidious and frustrating is what Dr. Lewis Engel Ph.D and Tom Ferguson M.D. call “Imaginary Crimes”. Our core beliefs and assumptions about the world and how we fit into it are laid down by the age of six. From that point on, the subconscious tries to fit every life experience into those early programs. Why the term “Imaginary Crimes”?

Young children are typically moralistic. Everything has to be fair and equal.  Everybody gets the same size piece of cake or pie. As we grow up, life gets more complex. We can’t divide the world into identical equal pieces. But unless the original programming is altered somehow, the subconscious mind will still try to keep things fair. If we start to move toward success in any field our family, culture or tribe hasn’t yet achieved, internal struggles with the subconscious becomes more and more intense. Like being attached to the wall with bungee cords, the first few steps are easy. But the further we go, the harder we’re pulled back. Eventually we find ourselves mysteriously failing again.

When the conscious and subconscious minds disagree, the subconscious wins every time. It knows where all the buttons are and does whatever it takes to keep you safe the best way it thinks it knows how; based on these early programs.

EFT, otherwise known as Tapping or “Energy Psychology” offers powerful tools to help the conscious and subconscious minds collaborate. Re-examining these old programs until there is agreement on what’s the whole truth now. Progress is so much easier with the emergency brake off.

If these patterns sound familiar, you may wish to book a session with me, David Gilbert – Integrative Therapist.

Some of my most powerful work involves the use of advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Picture Tapping Techniques (PPT), Grounding, Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (a class II registered medical device), audio/visual  brain entrainment and anti-inflammatory protocols.  All the resources I use have been so powerful they’re guaranteed. This means we can relax and concentrate on recovery without fretting over whether it’s a hopeless waste of money. Spending  seventeen years on the research side, has given me an unusual birds eye view of how every part of our being is connected with and interacts with every other; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 


Yours in health and well being,


David Gilbert

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