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Our 3 Favourite Cheesy Wellness Sayings

Cheese Clip ArtOriginally written by Bailey Gresham, RPT

Anyone who knows me knows I like inserting my quirky attitude into educational sessions.      Here are some of my favourite cheesy phrases.

  1. Motion is lotion. Correct, AND it rhymes! Many joint surfaces depend on movement for nutrition. Your articular cartilage, discs and menisci get nourishment indirectly by the movement of synovial fluid. They key word being MOVEMENT. If things remain stagnant, you’re depriving your joints of the much needed nourishment they need to heal and stay nice and lubricated. “But it hurts when I bend and straighten my knee.” Well, you may be setting yourself up for a much nastier condition in the future. Movement also controls for inflammation by re-distributing fluid throughout the joint surface, it keeps your muscles activating like they should and maintains your available ROM. These are all good things for a speedy recovery!

2. End-range is everything. So anyone who has seen me in action knows I am an end-range queen! End-range, end-range, end-range. The magic happens at end-range. This is because many powerful, neurophysiological effects occur at end-range. Receptors in our tissues, known as mechanoreceptors, are activated with end-range stimulation. This stimulates larger nerve fibers which consequently inhibit smaller nerve fibers (a.k.a. as YOUR pain fibers). End-range stimulation literally decreases pain and muscle spasm. Some say it hits the re-start button on the nervous system! Don’t believe me? Many of the bigger physiotherapy treatment techniques depend on end-range. This includes McKenzie, Mulligan and even Active Release Technique. End-range is so powerful that a rapid responder can get immediate relief from pain using an end-range protocol. Yep, like magic.

3. My rule of thumb… I get a lot of questions as to when someone should start an activity again. It’s a hard question a lot of the time (It also doesn’t help that people are generally excited to get back to whatever activity they have restricted, haha). My rule of thumb is that if you are sore upwards of 2 hours after an activity, you did TOO much. An inflammatory response was initiated telling me the activity was too provocative. Now your tissues are mad again. However, if you are sore for a few minutes following an activity with quick symptom resolution, chances are you didn’t cause harm or initiate another inflammatory response. You’re probably in the clear! This also goes for the home exercise program as well (for all those keeners out there doing double or triple the amount they should be!). More is not necessarily “more”, so to speak. You wouldn’t do bicep curls 5x a day, would you?!


Whole Therapy is a unique and collaborative multi-disciplinary centre. We believe that wellness is not boring, and we strive to bring it to all of our clients through better movement, less pain, and through working together.

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